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JUDr. Milan Vacek
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Greetings Everyone!
Dear fellow real-estate brokers and real-estate agencies.

          I would like to bring to your attention my new website which is located at: www.czechrealty.com   and the identical website can also be accessed at
www.czechamericanrealestate.com ,
where you will find an offering of realestate in the Czech Republic
(some of which is owned by me) as well as real-estate in various parts of California
and  in Australia, all of which are owned by my father, Frank Vacek, who is not a real estate broker but loves to buy and occasionally also sells land and real-estate.  

         Additionally, you will now also find on this website a number of exciting real estate offers from cooperating real estate agencies, and their number is growing.

My father Frank, who, along with me, has lived in Southern California since our escape from the Czech Republic in 1963 and our emigration to the United States as political refugees in 1964, is getting on in years and would like to do some shuffling with his real estate portfolio to liven things up a bit, sell some property but also buy some interesting property, perhaps a nice small castle or a chateau in the Czech Republic, or perhaps a shopping center or beach house wherever.  He wants to have some fun, so I offered to help.  Since I am a California licenced real estate broker but haven´t had a chance to make use of my license so far, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to jump into the real-estate business and also offer to sell some of my real-estate, as well as explore what is available on the market and perhaps pick up one or more interesting pieces of real-estate.

At a time when hypermarkets run by multi-national corporations have come to dominate the retail market in the Czech Republic and taken the fun out of running a relatively small chain of food supermarkets, I have decided to offer for sale two of my food stores.  My companies have operated both the Bio-Market store in Prague 9 in Strizkov on Teplická Street (sold!) as well as the Bio-Market store in Prague 5 on Pod Vidouli Street in Jinonice (sold!) continuously since I bought them at the state privatization auctions in 1991.  Instead of continuing to hold on to these stores in Prague’s suburbs, I would rather concentrate on operating and perhaps buying additional larger shopping centers like the CHRPA shopping center in Prague 4 – Horni Roztyly, where I built the California & Hawaii Fitness Center 8 years ago and just last year I allowed an investor to build 5 squash courts onto the roof right alongside the fitness center.  The Chrpa Supermarket is also holding its‘ own pretty well and the commercial retail and office space in the CHRPA shopping center is currently fully rented, as it basically has been all along.  So, you needn‘t bother making offers to buy the CHRPA shopping center, unless you have a client who is willing to pay more than approx. USD $ 5 million.  On the other hand, if you have a client who would like to build an addition to the shopping center on an approximately 100 square meter section of the building parcel that abuts immediately at the rear (South-West corner) of the shopping center, and create a new store or ofice space, in exchange for essentially rent-free use of the space for an adequate number of years, we have a building project all approved and waiting for just such an investor.

Whether you are a real-estate professional or an investor living in or outside of the Czech republic, perhaps I could be of assistance in helping to market your real-estate offerings or help you find suitable real-estate in the Czech Republic, or in California or Hawaii or Australia, which are the places that I travel to the most.  If so, please let me know how I can be of assistance, and I will give it a try.  Because I have at my disposal several gigabytes of space on servers in Texas (where everything it bigger, ...) I can offer to add your real estate listings at no expense to you, at least during this period where I am starting-up my real-estate office, provided you can supply the photos and maps or plot drawings of the properties to me as attachments to e-mails or on CD-Rom or floppy disks (PC-windows compatible) (JPEG or GIF) .  Only in case that your property listing is sold because the buyer became aware of it by finding it on my website would I be entitled to a very modest commission, an almost symbolic 1% should you be a real-estate professional and  if I don’t have to actually show the property to the prospective purchasers.  We can certainly discuss all possible arrangements. If you are not a real-estate professional but rather an individual or institutional owner of real-estate property then the commission in case that I find you a buyer acceptable to you who actually purchases and pays for the property is at a minimum 2% in case of presentation of your offer only on the internet, or alternatively a minimum of 3% in case we mutually agree to advertise the property (at my expense) in magazine ads.

                 There are I believe some excellent buys on Czech real-estate, if you are willing to invest in a post-Communist, still somewhat socialist but overall a quaint and nice little country in Central Europe.  There is a general consensus of opinion that if and when the Czech Republic gets into the European Union (perhaps in 2005) and if and when foreigners without Czech citizenship will finally be able to buy real estate in the Czech Republic the prices of real estate may go up.  Only time will tell if the experts are correct.
       On behalf of both my father Frank and myself, I wish you all a very good day.  Milan Vacek.