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The owner of this real-estate is JUDr. Milan Vacek 

Ovcary, Krizkovy Ujezdec / Cenetice / 
Pruhonice area South Of Prague
17 718 m2

Ovcary150dpi5.27.2kJEZERONice.jpg (237998 bytes) This beautiful meadow, lying on both sides of the little creek which eventually becomes the river Botič and flows into the Vltava (Moldau), lies directly across a narrow, seldom frequented road from a 2-acre lake in which the river has its spring.  You do not have to buy the lake, it is there for your visual enjoyment without the trouble of hopelessly trying to keep people off!  All you are buying is the approximately 4-acre meadow, which with any luck you will eventually be able to live on, if the local authorities agree.  The whole area was supposed to be developed into a ritzy residential area of expensive homes, but it just has not happened, yet.  

I just recently was informed with some delay of a response to my inquiry as to possible future uses and subdivision of the parcel 775/1, and in the response the local authorities stated that this parcel is not presently zoned in such a way as to enable it to be built on, and in fact it is in an ecological preservation zone, which will make it much more difficult to obtain a change of zonig and/or subdivision. I will of course make a request to change the zoning, and let you know how it goes.   For more photographs and plans of the property, please see the Czech language version of this page.
The "minimum" offers to be considered are CZK 99.-/m2, although I will consider all offers until such time as the issue of the ability to build on the parce is resolved.   It may be that the final selling price will be much higher, or maybe not, that is the wonderful thing about the market economy, it is a very unique piece of property and it is worth exactly so much as someone is willing to pay for it.  
So please do submit all your inquiries and offers, I will consider them all.

Ovcary96dJezeroColoredBlueMyParcCisloBig.jpg (56772 bytes)
OvcaryMVPassFarBehindViewN123cmW.jpg (53415 bytes)

17 718 m2

Caveat:  at present time this parcel is not zoned as a building parcel, it is a meadow in an ecological protection district, and it is uncertain when or even whether you will be able to build on it.  I have started the process of applying for a change in the master zoning plan for this parcel to hopefully make it a buildable parcel, but the process is full of uncertainties ....

Photos      Please Click To See LARGER Photos!

Ovcary-LAKE-Ducks-ViewN-72dpi.jpg (155782 bytes) Ovcary-LAKE-30.cervna2000-ViewNNE-Ducks-72dpi.jpg (81889 bytes) Ovcary-30.6.2000-72dpi.jpg (49507 bytes)
Ovcary-30.6.2000-Road-Sign-NewHouseConstruction-PassOpenDoor-.jpg (54579 bytes) Ovcary-N-SideOfBoticCreek-JePosekano-30.6.00-72dpi.jpg (79444 bytes) Ovcary-30.6.2000-RoadFromKr.Uj.-ViewLimitSign-Construction-72dpi.jpg (56840 bytes)
Ovcary-30.6.2000-ReklamaNaVWPassat-ViewN-72dpi.jpg (74583 bytes)
The VW Passat is NOT For Sale, 
but it is a very good car!
Ovcary-ViewWestFromRoad-PassatNear-72dpi.jpg (59594 bytes) Ovcary-ViewLookingSouthAtNorthOfBoticCreekPartOfParcel-30.6.00-72dpi.jpg (78233 bytes)
View of the portion of the property that is North of the Botič Creek.
OvcaryHugeMapInclPraha600x72.Circlesx4.jpg (612962 bytes) Ovcary72d5.27.2kUpSlopeW.Pass.Poles.jpg (77525 bytes)
Somewhere on this meadow is where most of the land for sale is located;  if you want to know were exactly, you will need a surveyor, I have already contacted one.
Ovcary72dViewN-UpSlopePoleNoCar.jpg (64148 bytes)

Ovcary96d5-2kYellowDivLine16cmW.jpg (50432 bytes)
Ovcary96dLargeViewNNE5-TallTrees.jpg (101623 bytes) OvcaryLakeViewENoPersonsNoCement.jpg (50657 bytes)
Ovcary96dpi5.27.2kViewFromLakeNWAtTreeLineField.jpg (51613 bytes) Ovcary96dpiViewWestIncl.IngressRoad.jpg (48138 bytes) OvcaryMV-InFrontOfLake600x72.jpg (198112 bytes)
Ovcary96dViewT.SWDownSlopePolesDist._small.jpg (4326 bytes) Ovcary96dViewUpSlopeNEel.PolesDist..jpg (50537 bytes) Ovcary-30.6.2000-SunnyMomentMeadowLookingNE-72dpi.jpg (170582 bytes)

Pozemek 775/1  =  17 718 m2

OvcaryScannedMap3CirclesModleticeKamenice600x96.jpg (397211 bytes) OvcaryPruhoniceKamenicaScMapCircles.jpg (636212 bytes) For your entertainment, now that you have seen the nice lake which by the way has fish in it and I imagine that there might even be some bass, just listen to this page::
Welcome To the Official Billy Bass Page

_Ovcary-ZapadniCast-Mensi.jpg (343879 bytes) -Ovcary-KrizkovyUjezdec-VychodniCast.jpg (248123 bytes) -Ovcary-KrizkovyUjezdec-ListVlastnictvi-Pozemek775-1.jpg (361767 bytes)
-Ovcary-KrizkovyUjezdec-ZapadniCastPozemku775-1.jpg (233600 bytes) -Ovcary-KrizkovyUjezdec-VychodniCastSnimkuPozemku775-1.jpg (264341 bytes) Ovcary-30.6.2000-Road-Sign-NewHouseConstruction-PassOpenDoor-.jpg (54579 bytes)
The road to the parcel.  At the "no entrance except locals & deliveries sign" turn left and go a couple of hundred meters to the little bitty lake Botič.  When the lake is on your right, the parcel for sale #751/1 will be exactly opposite the lake on your left.
_Ovcary-ZapadniCast-Mensi.jpg (343879 bytes) -Ovcary-byv.Huntovice-VychodniCast.jpg (314818 bytes)  

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