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Hotel LUCIA . CZ
Veseli nad Luznici, Southern Bohemia
Czech Republic, EU

Hotel Lucia, Třída Čs. Armády 598, Veselí nad Lužnicí, 391 81 Czech Republic

Aerial Photo  fall of 2003 before the new bridge over the river Nezarka was built.

HotelLucia in Veselí nad Lužnicí, district city is Tábor, in Southen Bohemia, located along the highway from Prague to Linz (in Austria) between Tábor and České Budějovice, about one and a half hours' drive (approx. 110 km) south from Prague, in a clean ecologically pristine environment. 

Hotel je v plném provozu nepřetržitě!  The hotel is in full operation Non-Stop.
Pokud máte zájem o koupi Hotelu LUCIA prosím kontaktujte nás ihned! Cena k jednání je $ 1.0 mil. USD, jednu nabídku od zahraničního investora již máme která brzy půjde do escrow, takže Vaše nabídka může být jen tzv. "Back-Up Offer".  Napiště e-mail na: , nebo volejte majitele +420 602386644.  We have already received an offer which should go to escrow soon, so please be advised that your offers will be considered as so-called "Back-Up Offers".    Please Contact the owner
JUDr. Milan Vacek at: +420 602 38 66 44 immediately!
Znalecký odhad z 27.09.2009 nemovitosti HotelLuciaCZ klikněte prosím ZDE!

  Due to a desire to acquire another real-estate property a various tax considerations the owner is very motivated to sell this hotel immediately,   Please do not hesitate to contact the owner,
JUDr. Milan Vacek, at +420 602 38 66 44  to communicate your interest in this offer and to get additional details.  You can have an on-site inspection of the hotel at any time 24/7 even without a prior appointment, but if you do let us know we can arrange for the owner or his representative to be present as well to show and explain all the features of this hotel.
There are
many additional photos on the Czech-Language pages!

Front View Of

The Historic Grain Mill

Rear View of

The photo above on the left shows the grain mill that islocated just across the Luznice river from Hotel Lucia.   Former sand-pits are now terrific clean swimming lakes with sandy beaches surrounded by unspoiled woods with many miles of foot and bicycle trails.

Call the owner JUDr. Milan Vacek at: 
From the USA dial: (011) + 420 602 38 66 44  
(Czech or English language),
or send an e-mail to:

The HotelLucia is very conveniently located  to the natural beauties of the surrounding countryside including clean sandy-beach swimming lakes (formerly sand pits) and natural habitat parks through which you can take long walks and bike rides,
   A public bus station is conveniently located immediately at the edge of the hotel property on the main road through town, and offers direct transportation to Prague in approx. one and three quarter hours, every approx. 2 hours during the work week, all for a very low price!  Or you can take the train and it is equally cheap.
   We really like the location and the surrounding wonders of nature around the Hotel. 
   HotelLucia is located very near the main highway from Prague to Linz (in Austria) in the heart of the ancient city of Veseli nad Luznici surrounded by pristine nature! see .

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Map Showing Veselí Nad Lužnicí, Tábor, And České Budějovice
Click To Enlarge!

map used by licence of Geodézie a.s.

Hotel Complex 

Veseli Nad Luznici 
cp. 5981, parcels # 701/2 and  # 701/4, 
Tabor district, Czech Republic

Hurry, reservations are piling up fast! 

     Hotel Lucia is located near the E55 highway which connects the capital city of the Czech Republic PRAHA (Prague) with the major Czech town of Budějovice (Budvar, as in the beer!) and other major cities in Europe.  The Hotel Lucia is  located on a picturesque lush-green peninsula formed by the joining together of the rivers Luznice and Nezarky.
The construction of this new hotel was  completed in November 1996, but for various reasons the motel has not yet been open to the public.    
Building parcel # 701/2 measures  1,173m2
Parcel (grounds) #  701/4 measures 8.355m2
The parcels included with this offer measure a total of:  9.528m2.
Ground plan of the building:  880m2
The balconies measure a total of:  293m2,
The total interior volume of the building in cubic meters is:  11.689m3.
The Hotel Lucia consists of one underground floor (basement)
and five above-ground floors.
The accommodation capacity of the Hotel Lucia is 130 beds in 54 hotel rooms.
There actually are 54 x 2 = 108 beds in the Hotel, and various other furnishings
including bedsheets and comforters, towels, etc.  The kitchen and restaurants are likewise fully furnished with equipment and everything down to the forks, knives, plates and cups, and of course refrigerators, freezers, microwave oven, convection oven, huge mixers, soup cookers, etc. etc., all ready to go.  In the restaurant and bistro and wine restaurant and salon there are tables and chairs ready to allow you to start operations right away!  Just buy some TV sets!
The HotelLucia also has two freight elevators and one 1000kg-capacity elevator for guests.
In addition, in the ground floor (first above-ground floor) there is the restaurant and kitchen section consisting of the following areas in square meteres:
bistro:                       58,40m2   -  40 seat capacity
restaurant:          127,20m2   -    95 seat capacity
salón:                      42,20m2  -     25 seat capacity
"wine" restaurant:  71,20m2  -  40 seat capacity.
That should add up to around 200 person seating capacity altogether!
In the basement floor are the various warehouses and technical facilities
including lockerrooms etc. needed for the motel to function.
Hotel Lucia has its own parking lot which can accommodate approx. 50 - 100 cars.  The main public areas of the motel are designed to be accessible to the handicapped.
The only easement  in effect on this property concerns a part of the parcel 701/4 i.e. the access road over which the City of Veselí nad Lužnicí has an ingress/egress easement for pedestrians and automobiles.
Hotel Lucia is a new complex which since its completion has not yet been operated.  By virtue of its location near the internetionally significant highway E55 and the overall touristically attractive location this property can be well utilized either as a motel or for some other commercial purpose.

Photos, plans, descriptions and charts  -  please Click To ENLARGE!

Snímek katastrální mapy se zakreslením věcného břemene.

Plot plan of the Hotel Lucia showing the easement.

MotelLUCIA-KoordinacniSituaceSiti-1-500Combo.jpg (514051 bytes)
Plan of the Hotel Lucia showing the utilities lines
Motel-LUCIA-PudorysSuterenu-3Combi-Trim-Capt.jpg (703756 bytes)
Floor plan of the basement floot (1PP)
MotelLUCIA-Pudorys-Prizemi-3ComboCapt.jpg (692153 bytes)
Floor plan of the ground floor (1NP)
PudorysTypickehoPatra-LUCIA-2Combo.jpg (347625 bytes)
Floor plan of a typical floor of the Hotel Lucia
MotelLUCIA-Pudorys4-Patra-3Combo.jpg (364181 bytes)
Floor plan of the fourth floor (5NP)

There are many additional photos on the Czech-Language pages!

This property is owned by JUDr. Milan Vacek (since January 2002).

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