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The  real-estate described below is owned by 
PhDr. Frank Vacek and Vera Vacek, the parents of JUDr. Milan Vacek 

Yabula Ranch, near Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Yabula Ranch, located near Yabula, just north of the city of Townsville, Queensland, Australia, where the weather is fine all year round and nobody has any problems, they all say "no worries mate" or to each other all the time!
Did you know that in case of a nuclear incident in the northern hemisphere it would take  several months before any appreciable amount of radioactivity would migrate across the equator to contaminate the southern hemisphere?  And that there are no nuclear superpowers based in the Southern Hemisphere, so the likelihood of a nuclear conflict starting there is very low.  Maybe that is why the Aussies are so worry-free!
Yabula Ranch is 
519.92 hectares 
in size, which is just over five square kilometers, and is suitable for cattle and horse grazing, and just generally a lazy wonderful lifestyle ...

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A Paved Road Leads Right Up To The Gate Of The Property

The Long Straight Road 
Through The Property ...
Yabula Ranch, Mt.Black area,
North Of Townsville

A natural watering hole

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The following Information is primarily for:

Mr. John Lincoln, an expert on the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation and electricity to humans, and for Mr. Geoff Eales, OPTEON - Australian Valuation Expert:

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The Actual Claim Against Powerlink Filed by SARINAS Legal on behalf of Frank and Vera Vacek on December 7, 2013

Powerlink-Valuation of the harm at Mill Road Lot 1 at Yabulu:
Vacek Prop 1 S1017 part 2

Powerlink-Valuation of the harm at Balgal: Vacek Prop received on January 20, 2013 O-ConnorRoad-Lot-1 Property 2 S1017 part 2


The following are documents which are mostly older but nevertheless also interesting:






Plan of BalgalBeach Lot 1 with New Powerlink powerline alighment -ColorAerialPhotograph






The  real-estate described above is owned by 
PhDr. Frank Vacek and Vera Vacek, the parents of JUDr. Milan Vacek 

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